My job involves counseling family members with addicted loved ones. I’ve been doing it for a number of years now. And I’ve spent thousands and thousands of hours on the phone and in-person with impacted family members setting up sound long-term recovery plans. After several appearances of Huffington Post Live, I thought it was time to shine the light on a rarely discussed topic – drug addiction’s early warning signs.

Addiction manifests in all sundry shapes, sizes and slopes. And please don’t associate the reality of substance abuse with what you might have watched on the popular television show Intervention. That show tends to capture out-of-this-galaxy drug dependence in the final act of substance abuse’s tragic comedy.

In my experience, addiction is subtle – a friend that slithers into life with phenomenal conversations, exhilarating experiences and memorable moments. It’s a partner-in-crime as it slowly weaves its way into every thread of your nature. Before you know it, you’re hooked like a fish in a farm pond.

I’ll start with addiction’s warning signs, and then I’ll share my own story that highlights all the listed behaviors. After you familiarize yourself with the warning signs, try to see if you can spot them in the story I tell.

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